Lease Review health check

How does this checklist help you?

This checklist will help you undertake a Lease Review, whether it be a draft lease needing to be finalised or an executed lease currently in play. The checklist will highlight the common mistakes made by tenants when undertaking a Lease Review. Most importantly, the checklist will help to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes and will help you negotiate more tenant-friendly lease terms for your current and/or future lease negotiations.

Next steps:

1. Have your User Guide open when completing the checklist. (Click here to download the 'Lease review user guide')
2. For each statement select one of strongly agree / neutral / strongly disagree
3. If an answer is 'not applicable' then answer 'neutral'
4. Complete all 20 statements and click the submit button.
5. You will receive an email from LPC providing your overall score with a display of how 'tenant-friendly' your lease is using the LPC barometer.
6. Use the results to assess how 'tenant-friendly' the  lease terms are.
7. Use the results to guide your current and future lease neogitations.