Premises due diligence health check

How does this checklist help you?

This checklist is designed to assist tenants in conducting a thorough investigation before entering into a commercial lease. Its purpose is to ensure that all relevant information and associated risks, are properly assessed for a specific property. The process involves inspecting the premises, auditing available records, and engaging specialist consultants if necessary. By following this checklist, tenants can gain a comprehensive understanding of the property's condition and any potential issues, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding the lease agreement.

Next steps:

1. Have your User Guide open when completing the checklist. (Click here to download the 'Premise Due Diligence User Guide')
2. For each statement select one of strongly agree / neutral / strongly disagree.
3. Complete all 20 statements and click the submit button.
4. Your answers will display together with an overall ‘tenant friendly’ score.
5. Use the results to assess how suitable the proposed premises are for your needs.
6. Use the results to guide your lease negotiations.