LPC tools for commercial tenants and occupiers

Fitout cost calculator

Office fitout costs can vary considerably depending on the design and standard of finishes specified. We have developed our Fitout Cost Guide and calculator to help you understand the real cost of fitting out office space. Regardless of which decision you make, these tools will provide you with budget information that will assist in the initial planning stages of your office fitout.

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A tenant-friendly ‘heads of an agreement’ sets the scene for a lease that supports the business into the future. This checklist will help you identify what a tenant-friendly ‘HOA’ looks like, and it will enable you to assess the ‘HOA’ you are considering. In summary, the checklist will help you negotiate a ‘HOA’ that works for the business.

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This checklist will help you undertake a Lease Review, whether it be a draft lease needing to be finalised or an executed lease currently in play. The checklist will highlight the common mistakes made by tenants when undertaking a Lease Review. Most importantly, the checklist will help to ensure that you do not make the same mistakes thus helping you negotiate tenant-friendly lease terms.

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Premises health check

This checklist helps a tenant to carry out an investigation before entering a commercial lease to establish all the facts (known and unknown) and the risks associated with leasing a specific property. This process is carried out by inspecting the premises, auditing the available records, and by testing and engaging specialist consultants where required.

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RTW health check

Staff expectations of the workplace have rapidly evolved as a direct result of working from home and avoiding the daily commute. As a result, many businesses are having to implement workplace changes to attract staff back in. If your business is struggling to do this, then this checklist will assist you in planning your own workplace changes.

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